Not just a House......a Home.


Lortondale, built on the Eugene Lorton Estate, is an example of the very latest and finest in Contemporary Living. Combining beauty with practicality, Lortondale Homes bring you and your family a whole new way of life - a far easier and more pleasant life than you've ever known before. Here, comfortable living, maximum charm, and complete privacy may all be yours under one roof.

These are the results of over two years of painstaking research and planning...These are the designs selected after hundreds of architectural drawings were made and discarded.

This is Contemporary Living...the reason why these are HOMES, not just houses.



More than just a neighborhood...a community.


Lortondale is more than just a neighborhood, it is a community. A community that features historically significant designed homes, friendly neighborhood events, two neighborhood pools and benefits from being centrally located in Tulsa.




historical architectural style...

The Lortondale Neighborhood was designed in the early 1950s and constructed between 1954 and 1957. The homes were designed by local Tulsa architect Donald Honn and were the recipient of many design awards during the 1950s. Currently the neighborhood is seeking National Historic Register status.


friendly neighbors...

What was old is new again. This isn't just the case with the style of architecture being popular again, the neighborhood was designed with community in mind and the new residents of Lortondale have taken that banner and run with it. Parties, BBQs, home tours etc. all lend to a community of great neighbors and friends.



summer time fun in the sun...

Lortondale was designed with community in mind. One of the community-minded features of the neighborhood are the neighborhood pools. The plan called for one pool for 100 homes. All though not all 400 homes were eventually built, the neighborhood does have two volunteer run community pools. The Lortondale Pool and The 5300 Club are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day and are always looking for volunteers from the neighborhood.


in the middle of it all...

Lortondale was built prior to the Broken Arrow Expressway. In 1954 the neighborhood was 20 minutes from downtown, now its only a few. In addition to the quick access to downtown, Lortondale has several major retailers, multiple grocery stores, three movie theaters and a mall within two miles. Within the square mile that Lortondale is located we have multiple churches, the highly regarded Hoover Elementary and Darlington Park.

The Big Change in Oklahoma


60 years young Lortondale is a modern and diverse neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that works to develop, restore and perpetuate the architecturally significant character of our neighborhood.